Report on Seminar “Structural Enterprise andLEAP Bridge” at Mumbai
On 1st September 2016 by STADD Engineers, Mumbai.
CSF number 2016/CSF
On 1st September 2016 STADD Engineers, Mumbai organized a seminar at The Institution of Engineers (India), Mahalaxmi,Mumbai. Invitations were sent to the existing clients as well as future client and the members of the Institution of India - Mumbai chapter and Indian Society of Structural Engineers (ISSE).

The session began at 4:00 pm with MrVedang Vadalkar welcoming the guests on behalf of STADD Engineers. He briefly explained the company policy of keeping the users informed about the changes in the software packages. The main motive of this seminar was to share the knowledge of various Structural Design solutions that Bentley offers. With the change in the construction scenario i.e. change in the size of the structures, to handle the data manually is extremely difficult. So the use of the software is a must. Bentley provides the right software as solutions to all the needs of a structural engineer.

Mr. Prabhu ShreeGoel, Regional Sales Manager had given corporate overview about Bentley and solutions offered by the company for Consulting Engineers.

The first technical session was on “LEAP Bridge, concrete and the open bridge modeler by Vinay Mysore, Head of the Bentley bridge support team.His lecture was highlyappreciated by the participants as it contained a lot of technical discussions and also included the demonstrations on the use of the software.

After a tea break, Mrs. Kirty Vadalkar talked on STAADPro and the efficient use of the software with some tips tricks and highlighting the features of the software.She stated that whileusing the software, the user may make data mistakes which leads to wrong results. But, blame is put on the software. She also emphasized that software should only be used by experts and the user should not forget the basics of structural engineering. Random validation of results should be done by simple hand calculations as well.

In the next session, Mr. Hemant Vadalkar – Senior Structural engineer, provided some insights in the advanced features of STAADPro and simple tricks which are not known to many, viz. the rigid diaphragm command for simulation of a rigid member in STAADPro. His lecture was highly appreciated as it contained a lot of technical details about the software and the use of commands in it.

In the last session AkshitDhawan, Application engineer covered Bentley Structural Enterprise Bundle & its components like STAAD foundation advanced, RAM concept, RAM connections, RAM structures etc. He elaborated usefulness of the software bundle for all structural needs.Thislecture was highlyappreciatedby the audience as it introduced the audience to the various software solutions provided by Bentley systems.

Floor was opened for question and answers. Mr. Mysore, Mr.Dhawan and Mr. Vadalkar answered technical queries raised by the participants. Prabhu Shree Goel announced a special price for Structural Enterprise Bundle.

Feedback was taken from participants.

The seminar was attended by 45 engineers. The program was concluded at 9:00 PM followed by dinner.

Vedang Vadalkar
STADD Engineers Mumbai

Some photographs of the event :