STAADetc is the comprehensive toolkit for the structural engineers for detailed design of several engineering components.

  • STAADetc provides simple data input formats.
  • Supports Indian design codes.
  • Dynamic and interactive graphics visually validate the input data.
  • Provides step by step design calculation.
  • Provides tabulated results and detailed graphical drawing.
  • Provides quantity calculation.

Premier Component Analysis and Design Software :

STAAD.etc is a comprehensive toolkit for the structural engineer. Everything from the analysis and design of a structure to designing the slabs, base plates and footings for its foundation can be done without ever having to leave the STAAD.etc environment. Schematic drawings of the of the output, step-by-step hand calculations (with clauses, formulae, and intermediate steps), interactive graphics and multiple international design codes make STAAD.etc a MUST in every designer’s office!  

STAAD.etc Overview :

As a stand alone application or an integrated module of, STAAD.etc is a comprehensive component toolkit for the structural engineer. Once completing the overall model, design, and analysis using, STAAD.etc seamlessly interfaces for individual component designs including pile caps, column designs, footing designs, retaining walls, slab design and much more.

  • All design and analysis modules of STAAD.etc share the same Wizard format, allowing anyone to use STAAD.etc easily and efficiently.
  • STAAD.etc delivers dynamic/ interactive graphics for validation and verification for each step during the design process.
  • STAAD.etc is linked to STAAD.Pro and modules within STAAD.etc are linked together so that you can link the entire design job together.
  • STAAD.etc supports Indian and multiple international design codes (US, British).
  • STAAD.etc provides customizable units. Use standard global units or specify individual units for each data item.

STAAD.etc Ease-of-use :

STAAD.etc modules inclue analysis and design for steel, concrete, timber, masonry and foundation accessories such as beams, columns, footings, slabs, retaining walls, shear walls, connections and much more. STAAD.etc uses common Wizard interface to standardize the input and output mechanisms. Context sensitive HTML help clarify any uncertainties during the input stage. Dynamic and interactive graphics visually validate the input.

STAAD.etc component design includes :

  • Isolated Rectangular Footing
  • Retaining Wall (Limit State & Working Stress)
  • Two Way Slab Design
  • Pile Cap Design (2 to 5 piles)
  • Laterally Loaded Pile Analysis
  • Circular Concrete Column Design
  • Rectangular Concrete Column Design
  • Loss Calculation in Post (Tensioned Tendon)
  • Pile Group Analysis
  • Corbel Design
  • Shear Bolt Group Analysis & Design
  • Moment Bolt Group Analysis & Design
  • Combined Footing with Beam Analysis & Design
  • Strip Footing Analysis and design
  • Block Foundation Analysis
  • Shear Wall Analysis (General)
  • 3D Structural Analysis
  • Design of piles( Bored Cast-in situ)
  • Strip footing with beam
  • Grade beam design
  • One way Rectangular slab
  • Stair case design

Auto Civil

General Capabilities & Utilities :

AutoCIVIL offers seamless integration among modules - allowing you to work on only one drawing for all your civil work in a is compatible to DOS, Windows NT, and Windows '95.AutoCIVILsupports imperial and Metric units, incorporates intelligent use of dialog boxes, and providestoolbars manual features offers context-sensitive help for a wide range of commands.The MDI editor supports multiple documents or multiple copies of the same document, OLE compatibility, etc.

  • AutoCivil is a comprehensive civil engineering software package that runs inside AutoCAD.
  • AutoCivil performs surveying, contouring, mapping, earthwork calculations, Roadway design, water network analysis, sanitary sewer design, storum drainage designetc all in one set of integrated software.
  • Output include AutoCAD drawings and tabulated results.
  • Ability to import/export data ASCII, AutoCAD, .DWG, .DXF formats.
    Survey, COGO & Mapping :

    AUTOCIVIL's Survey and COGO features allow you to create a complete subdivision tract map or site plan starting from points collected through a data collector.Points can be created through the pointing device, ASCII files, Surveyors' notes, and Station / Offset specifications.The design features include lot sizing, traverse adjustment, street intersections and cul-de-sacs, spiral curves, parking lots, accuracy check for existing maps, map annotation, etc.AutoCIVIL also offers a symbol Library for built-in Survey, Traffic, Tree and other symbols.

    Digital Terrain Modeling:

    AUTOCIVIL offers the fastest and most accurate contouring based on TIN.Unlimited number of points are supported,The contouring facilities include contour generation, 3D surface modeling, modules offer calculation for cut-and-fill volume and creation of profile and cross-section plots for a given aligment.AutoCIVIL also offers facilities to design roadway (or any other linear structure / corridor), calculate volumetric quantities, grading layout, etc.

    Hydraulics :

    AUTOCIVIL's Hydraulics modules include water supply, sanitary sewer, storm drainage, and HEC-2 system.Water supply offers layout, analysis, and design water surface height, peaked and unpeaked flow, pipe profile plots, etc.Storm drainage simulates both pressured and gravity flows, supports different pipe cross connectrions, and optimizes pipe size and slope.HEC-2 implements US Army's latest HEC-2 algorithm and deals with steady or gradually varying flows in natural or man-made channels.





    ADLPIPE is a comprehensive software used for analysis of complex piping/structural systems.

    ADLPipe Overview :

    The concurrent Piping and Structural Engineering extension is used for calculation of pipe stress, hanger loads and equipment loads.

    General Capabilities :

    ADLPIPE is a comprehensive software used for analysis of complex piping / structural systems.

    • Loading may be either Static or Dynamic.
    • No limit on the number of cases (Thermal, Seismic, etc.) to be run.
    • Stress Analysis and Stress reports meet the latest ANSI and ASME codes.
    • Input data may be preprocess prior to problem solutions.
    • Plotting includes Orthographic, Isometric, and Stereoscopic drawings.
    • Error checking facilities.
    • Special load Combination and reports may be generated by the analyst.
    • Output information is easily interpreted.
    • Input data may be free or fixed format.
    • Supports Rotating Equipment Loads - NEMA 23, API 610, API 617 codes.

    Input and Modeling Capabilities :

    • Interactive pip routing facilities.
    • Context-sensitive on-line help.
    • English/Metric/SI mixed units for input and output.
    • Complete ANSI, ASME, British Standard SIF library.
    • Automatic vessel/nozzle flexibility – WRC 297 and Flat Bottom Tank criterium.
    • Structural steel modeling capability.
    • Database:
    ANSI and JIS component and material database.
    User defined seismic response spectrum database.

    Grinnell and Bergen Paterson pipe support catalogue.

    -Extensive pipe support modeling capabilities

    Skew supports.
    Constant/Variable supports.
    Rigid supports with user defined stiffness.
    Bi-directional supports.
    Bi-directional supports with gaps.
    Friction supports.
    Bi-linear supports.

    Analytical Capabilities :

    • Static Analysis
    • Dynamic Analysis
    • Uniform Seismic Response Spectrum Analysis.
    • Other Analysis Facilities:
    ASME Class I fatigue analysis.
    One Dimensional thermal transition analysis.

    General Features :

    • Automatic bandwidth Reduction.
    • Global and Local Coordinate Systems
    • Free Format Input.
    • Input Coding Key summeries.
    • Geometry Check.
    • Units may be in English / Metric / SI with mixed unit input and output.
    • Built in Flexibility Factors (ASME, ANSI, BS)
    • Built in Stress Indices (ASME).
    • Built in Stress Intensification Factors (ASME, ANSI, BS)
    • User can override built-in factors.
    • Stress Summary Tables.
    • Hanger Design Load Tables.
    • Input Summary Tables.
    • Table of contents with output results.
    • Accepts Directly Force vs Time Data from Fluid Transient Analysis.

    ADLPIPE Graphics Capability :

    • Stress isometrics with piping OD outlines and Node Numbers.
    • Isometric, Plan, and Elevation dimensional drawings.
    • Zoom capability.
    • Stereo or Single view perspective drawings of static or dynamic deformed piping.

    Codes :

    • ASME Sections III NB-3600 (Class 1) 1972 Through 1992.
    • ASME Sections III NC-3600 (Class 2) 1972 Through 1992.
    • ASME Sections III ND-3600 (Class 3) 1983.
    • ANSI B31.1 1967 Through 1992.
    • ANSI B31.3 1980, 1990, 1993.
    • ANSI B31.4 1979, 1989, 1992.
    • BS3351 (1971) + Amd 3448 (1981).
    • BS806 (1975) + Amendment January 1980, May 1981.

    Post Processing :

    • Post analysis load case combination: SRSS, Absolute sum, Algebraic sum, Range, Factoring, Peak search, Maximum positive/negative search, Absolute differences, Summation of signed and unsigned load cases.
    • Automatic Hanger Design
    • Rotating Equipment load check.
    • Support loads combination.
    • On-screen query for member forces, moments, deflections and stresses.
    • Single line or solid shaded stress contour plot.
    • Deflected pipe plot.
    • Customized report generation.
    • Multiple reports and graphics display capabilities.
    • Export reports to WordPerfect.

    Quality Assurance and Verification :

    • 10CFR50 Appendix B and ANSI N.45.2.11 compliance.
    • More than 100 audits.
    • Three-volume verification manual containing extensive hand calculations.
    • NUREG/CR-1677 Volume 1 and 2 benchmarks.

    Graphical Verification and Visualization :

    • Stress isometrics with node numbers and/or dimensions.
    • Resultant Moments and Stress contour plots.
    • Capability to zoom and pan.
    • Capability to display centerline, mesh and solid shaded image.
    • Plot manipulation according to rotation and scale.
    • Capability of displaying any combination of reports with graphics.



    Layout is the best calculation pad available for engineers, with integrated word processing, spreadsheets and mathematical calculations. It enables you to produce calculation sheets of the type and format that meets your requirements, you can even import your existing spreadsheets.

    • Equations can be solved and results customizable.
    • Spreadsheet cells can include references to equations and vice versa.
    • Sketches are linked to equations and spreadsheet cells.

    Product Description :

    Layout is the best Calculation pad available for Engineers, with integrated word processing, spreadsheets and mathematical calculations.

    Layout enables you to produce calculation sheets of the type and format that meets your requirements. You can even import your existing spreadsheet solutions from Microsoft excel, create Layout sheets to calculate moving loads, design circular base plates or plot biaxial stress surfaces.

    Features :

    • Equations can be solved and results are customizable. Supports Greek characters and scripts.
    • Spreadsheets cells can include references to equations and vice versa. Fully compatible with MS Excel.
    • Sketches are parametric and linked to equations and spreadsheet cells.
    • DTP Environment – Drag/drop and stretch functionality for all objects.
    • Optimization tools – goal seeking, generate table values, investigate scenarios.
    • Word processing capabilities, which format the results of calculations and links to equations and spreadsheets.
    • Charts – full range of 2D and 3D rotatable charts, fully light sourced and shaded.
    • Compatibility – spreadsheet graphics and text data are compatible with Word, CAD, and other Windows software – Direct import/export to Excel.
    • Multimedia – Incorporate animation and sound files. Phenomenal tools to add a fourth time dimension to charts and allow sketches to become full-blown animations – Produces standard Windows avi files.
    • Lock cells/ sheets to produce secure in-house calculation sheets to meet your QA.
    • Import functionality – Any existing Layout document may be imported, automatically linked to bind the data
    • Automatically link STAAD.Pro analysis and design result



  • eReview allows you to view and markup many different types of documents and drawings without having or using the application that created them.
  • Combination of web-based view and markup with collaboration and conferencing tools.
  • Allows multiple document formats to be viewed (e.g. CAD, Excel, Word) and accessed simultaneously within a single application.
  • Supports both audio and video collaboration as well as standard chat.
  • Provides an effective framework for conducting a virtual review meeting.
  • Stores each person's information and markup on separate layer and files without changing the original document.
  • Real-time online collaboration that simplifies and manages the entire design process from concept to delivery.
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